Human figures in a state of expectation, submerged within their own personal solitude, rooted at the center of an indifferent normality which mechanically passes by. Detached and disconnected from others, the subjects are depicted to be in an internal situation of waiting. Waiting...for what? For that which does not come? Which even when it does, is not perceived? Which can only be an illusory experience? A narration of ever-expecting subjects repeating their lives abandoned in an asymmetrical passage of time. Life is immobilized. Meaning is blurred. Kali Kastori's multilayered work composes a narration of contemporary man's agonizing struggle to mentally process the complex reality he is surrounded with.


The light which the artist's intuitive sight sheds upon the human form is sharp, an inquisitive light, allowing nothing to hide in shadows. A penetrating light. A light which reveals the loneliness, decay, deteriorated human relationships, fear of the end and a torturous immobility within a seemingly unceasing movement. The vibrant colors and gray background of the paintings, seem to reflect the fragmented mental life, the liveliness which is worn like a piece of clothing, the deadness that hides like a disease.


The viewer’s relationship with the personas introduced to us by KK, marks an orbit within time. On a second stage, when viewing matures, the faces become familiar. The viewer will seek after his own paths of direction and perhaps even some expanded areas. Following this personal path he encounters a mental space, where expectation becomes a static point opening up as ‘place’.

 It is at that ‘place’ where a part of our personal truth and creativity is rediscovered. When facing the stillness of the figures, our own internal motion is being stimulated. The process of redefining self and others enlivens.


Human beings in a state of expectation, hiding and revealing, communicating with silenced lips through body language. By addressing us, like every form of art does, they cure us. The real relationship with the work of Kali Kastori is an 'open ended' therapeutic process...



Ioannis Dittopoulos


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